Request Access

RADARR is a platform for sharing confidential patient data with other medical professionals. We take the protection of patient data extremely seriously, which is why the RADARR platform never saves or retains any patient data.

We ask you to enter your work email address so that we can verify you are part of the NHS, we will then send you a link to access the RADARR platform. This is an instant verification, you will not have to wait to receive your link. If your email address is not accepted and you believe it should be, please contact us at  If your email address is accepted but you do not receive an email, please check your spam or junk folder.

How is RADARR secure?

The RADARR platform is built so that it never saves any of the patient data that you load to it on our servers. This is why there is no account or login for RADARR; none of the data you add is saved anywhere but your computer or tablet/mobile device, until you send it on a secure messaging platform.